Open Enrollment Info.

MES SY 21-22 Open Enrollment 

Parents seeking Open Enrollment for SY 21-22 at Marsing Elementary will be put on a waiting list until numbers and class sizes can be determined. To be considered as an Open Enrolled Student, the legal guardian does not physically live within the district boundaries. All parents enrolling students need to provide proof of residency, birth certificates and shot records at registration.

 For an out of district student to be placed on the waiting list, individuals need to meet the following criteria:

Criteria to be placed on the waiting list:

  1. Your student requires no special services/accommodations (Special Ed, ELD, 504).

  2. No previous behavior, academic or attendance concerns at previous school

  3. Required forms are provided (birth certificate, shot records, proof of residence)

  4. Consideration may be given to parents with multiple students coming into the district or older siblings already in the district. 

  5. We can verify that we have room within the grade level(s) once all in district students are placed.

  6. Students that have attended this year as an "open enrolled" student are considered "grandfathered" in and will be placed in classes for next year. These students are not placed on a waiting list.


We are hopeful that all students can be accepted in grades 1-5 during SY 21-22, however, we can not guarantee a placement until in district students are placed first. Out of district students entering Kindergarten also will be placed on a waiting list and parents will be notified as soon as numbers are finalized, which may take until the first week of school due to the fact that we see a large influx of in district Kindergarten students show up during the first few days.   

We encourage parents that are placed on the waiting list to explore other school options in order to ensure that your child is enrolled in school at the start of next year. Notification to families on the waiting list will be done as soon as possible, however it may not occur until after the first week of school, or until numbers are finalized. 

If approved as an open enrolled student, whether it is a new or returning student, the parents must agree and sign the Open Enrollment Agreement by the start of the school year. The contract is a 90-day probationary period, where attendance, academics and behavior expectations will be upheld to continue enrollment for the remainder of the school year.

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